Audiologic Counselling

Initial appointment (get to know you): $70 for 30 minutes

Subsequent appointments: $110 for 1 hour

Referrals from partner clinics attract a 10% discount 

Hearing Therapy, Listening Therapy, Tinnitus Therapy & Narrative Therapy with Nicola Linton. Medicare rebates apply only if referred by your GP for Tinnitus Therapy as part of a Chronic Disease Management plan. Please note: because I do not sell hearing aids or receive 'kickbacks', there are no financial incentives with regard to my audiologic recommendations around hearing aids. I work only for you.

Social Learning

Join our online challenge community:

The Listening Challenge - repair communication with your hearing-impaired loved-one

Tackling Tinnitus Challenge - fine-tune your sound therapy

Tackling Sound Intolerance Challenge - master your acoustic environment


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