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Audiology clinics make substantial profits from selling hearing aids - for many it is their biggest earner. They face the same commercial pressures as any other business and frequently adopt normal business practices, such as paying their audiologists incentives to encourage them to increase profits. These are often targeted at certain brands of hearing aids or at the more expensive models. Even clinics that do not sell hearing aids may receive financial incentives to refer to clinics that do. Not-for-profit organisations may also have a conflict of interest in this area - the profits that they make from hearing aids may be used to fund their philanthropic activities.

For reasons of ethical transparency, we don't sell hearing aids or recommend which particular clinics to go to if you would like to buy hearing aids. If you are considering hearing aids or are unhappy with your hearing aids, you are welcome to discuss your concerns with us knowing we will not receive any financial incentive or 'kickback' based on what we say about these important devices.