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You are not the problem, the problem is the problem. Lets identify and develop your unique skills in outsmarting the problem, so that you can thrive!       

"Because we don't sell hearing aids, we have no conflict of interest." 

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Often the distress caused by Hearing and Listening problems is a reflection of our values. We treasure communicating and connecting with our loved ones and understanding what they have heard. Book in to explore which Hearing and Listening problems may be interfering with you or your child. Lets find ways to 'make trouble' for these problems, 'put them in their place' and thrive!

Step 1 - What's the problem?

Together we can identify the ways in which hearing and listening impairments are impacting you, your child, or your loved ones. This involves an interview about not just the problem, but also your hopes and intentions in addressing the problem. We also like to discover any special skills you may already have in reducing the influence of the problem. For children, this involves an 'awesomeness' interview.

Step 2 - Do we understand enough?

We then determine if hearing or Central Auditory Processing assessment is needed to further map the boundaries problem - recommendations can be made but the decision is yours. If you have already undergone such an assessment, please bring your results with you.

Step 3 - What are we going to do?